Pimp Juice

Pimp Juice is a non-carbonated, tropical berry-flavored energy drink named after a Nelly song. Pimp Juice's artificial coloring gives it a smooth neon green glow, while its 10 % apple juice content adds a natural sweetness to its taste. It is marketed heavily to the hip hop community and its ad campaign describes it as "the number one hip-hop drink." Pimp Juice acquires its boost from caffeine (81 mg per 8 ounce serving) and guarana. The makers claim that Pimp Juice provides 100% of the body's needed vitamin C, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. The brand's website offers free songs for download, and the Pimp Juice online store has a wide selection of Pimp Juice products and apparel, including posters, stickers, headbands, hoodies, beanies, thong panties and "I'm a PIMP" T-shirts.

  • Claim: #1 Hip-Hop Energy Drink
  • Size: 250mL can
  • Variations: Pimp Juice, PJ Tight (sugar-free version)
  • Producer: Fillmore Street Brewery
  • Official Website: http://www.letitloose.com