The Wired energy drink was first sold in plastic 12-ounce bottles; their popularity soon took off and Wired upgraded to a bigger sized drink, the now popular 16-ounce can. Wired comes in many flavor and formula variations and they are known for pushing the limits on the amount of caffeine, taurine, or Vitamin B-13 that can be put in one can. Their different varieties of drinks include: the original Wired formula, Wired X3000 (3000mg Taurine), Wired B-12 Rush (3000% RDI Vitamin B12), Wired X294 (294mg caffeine) and Wired XXX (with Horny Goat Weed, for "ultimate sex drive"). The Wired company has taken their energy drink one step further and they now sell 24-ounce mega energy cans called Wired X5000mg (containing of 5000mg of Taurine). The Wired website offers free wallpapers for download, including "Miss Wired" pinups.

  • Slogans: Extreme Energy Drink, Faster the Connection
  • Sizes: 16 fl oz and 24 fl oz cans
  • Variations: Wired Energy Drink (original), Wired Lo-Carb (Sugar free), Wired Berry, Wired Berry Rush, Wired Diet Berry, Wired XSport, Wired Tropical, Wired Citrus Punch, Wired Calcium (with Passion Fruit; also supports Breast Cancer research), Wired X3000, Wired 3000 Passion Fruit, Wired XB12 Rush, Wired X294, Wired XXX, Wired XBurner (diet, low sodium), Wired X5000
  • Producer: Wired Energy
  • Official Website: http://www.wiredenergydrink.com